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(Revised 8/13/2017)

I. Governing Body

The IBPFFL has only 3 league officers, all sharing co-commissioner duties.

Draft / Finances IBPig South / Recruitment Website / Rules Enforcer
Greg Bailor Nathaniel Ross Joel Morrison
  1. During the season, the Commissioners will be responsible to efficiently run the day-to-day operations of the IBPFFL, manage the finances,  and will be required to interpret the appropriate course of action based on the terms outlined in the IBPFFL Constitution and by Yahoo Fantasy Football.
  2. The Commissioners do not have autonomous rule over the league and any Commissioner may be removed from office through a unanimous (11) vote by the IBPFFL
  3. New members will be admitted to the IBPFFL by the Commissioners whenever an Owner leaves the league or is removed. (See Section XVI)


II. League Hosting and Members/Franchises

  1. The IBPFFL shall be hosted at Yahoo, the league is free.
  2. By joining this league, Franshise owners are agreeing to be governed by all rules contained herein.
  3. Each team in this league is considered a Franchise, therefore, if an owner leaves and is replaced, the new owner will take over the existing Franchise, not replace it.
  4. There will be 12 league owners for each season, no more, no less.
  5. The 12 teams are divided into 4 divisions which shall remain intact until such time as the league agrees unanimously that they should be redrawn.
  6. All interested owners from the previous season have the right to retain their franchise as long as they have not been banned by the Commissioners.
  7. Bannings will be instituted by the Commissioners and must be upheld for a minimum of 3 seasons.
  8. Bannings will be issued as a result of franchise negligence, failure to pay league fees in a timely manner, and/or for reasons currently beyond comprehension but for which, at said time, the Commissioner deems banning appropriate.
  9. If a team is banned, they will also forfeit all fees paid to the league.  Any prize money due the owner will be used to purchase alcohol for the following year’s draft.


III. League Fees / Payout

  1. The following fees will be collected yearly to finance league operations and prizes
    1. Entry Fee: $25 Total Per Team.
    2. 1st Keeper Fee: Free to keep one player on your roster from the previous season
    3. 2nd Keeper Fee: $5 to keep a second player on your roster from the previous season
  2. Of the money collected on draft night, the first $7.50 goes to the trophy engraving fee, and $17.50 will go to purchasing the FanDraft drafting software (subject to change yearly if FanDraft increases their prices)
  3. Payout Structure
    1. 1st Place: $90.00
    2. 2nd Place: $60.00
    3. 3rd Place: $40.00
    4. 4th Place: $25.00
    5. Each Division winner: $10.00 (x4=$40.00)
    6. Winner of Pick ’em Contest: $10.00
    7. Highest 1 week Team score: $5.00
    8. Highest 1 week owned player score; $5.00
  4. The dollar amounts above shall be considered the minimum payout amounts and may be added to at the Commissioner’s discretion depending on how much extra money is collected on draft night via keeper fees and donations.
  5. In the event that the league incurs additional expenses such as trophy replacement or purchase, that money will be deducted from the 1st – 4th place pool before the  payouts are figured, thus lowering payouts for that year.
  6. The Commissioners shall have the freedom to add a “bag of meat” to any prize as he sees fit.
  7. $25 will now be taken out of the prize fund to purchase a gift card to be presented to the winner of the IBPig South League.


IV. Rosters

  1. Each team will have 15 rosters spots consisting of 8 starters and 7 reserves
  2. The starters spots will consist of
    1QB (Roster Max. 2)
  3. Your starting lineup must be filled and legal each week, and there is no penalty for starting a player who is on a bye.
  4. If an owner has an “Illegal lineup” because they have not filled all positions, they shall receive 0 points for the week and forfeit their game.
  5. As of the 2017 season, all roster limits have been removed except:
    • You must always have 1 of each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST) on your roster at all times.  No exceptions
    • You may only have 2 QBs at any time.  No exceptions.
  6. If rule #5 is broken, the owner will lose the player they picked up that broke the rule, and they will be moved to to the bottom of the waiver list.


V. Draft

  1. The draft date will be determined by the Commissioners
  2. For each pick in the draft, the owner will be allowed 2 Minutes, with 1 extension of  2 minutes that may be used in any round but only once.
  3. If an owner’s time expires and they have already used their extension, or chose not to use it, the next owner may make their pick.   The owner missing their pick may make their pick at any time after that, but any picks made by owners following them will stand.
  4. The first 6 draft picks will be determined first by the regular season win/loss record, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary.
    Losers Bracket
    12th Place Record: 1st Draft Position
    11th Place Record: 2nd Draft Position
    10th Place Record: 3rd Draft Position
    9th Place Record: 4th Draft Position
    8th Place Record: 5th Draft Position
    7th Place Record: 6th Draft Position
  5. The last 6 draft picks will be determined by the finishing position of those teams in the playoffs.
    Championship Bracket
    7th and 8th picks are the first round Championship Playoffs losers, entire season win/loss record, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary.
    6th Place Finish: 7th Draft Position
    5th Place Finish: 8th Draft Position
    4th Place Finish: 9th Draft Position
    3rd Place Finish: 10th Draft Position
    2nd Place Finish: 11th Draft Position
    1st Place Finish (Champion): 12th Draft Position
  6. Any new owners which join the league will be slotted in the draft position of the team they are taking over for.
  7. Once the draft order is determined, the draft order will be in “snake” format (1st pick in round 1, has last pick in round 2, and so forth).
  8. Anyone exercising their right to keep players on their roster from the previous year will forfeit their first round pick for the first keeper, and their second round pick for the second keeper.
  9. You are required to draft a minimum of 1 player of each position on draft day.
  10. The draft will take place at the Greg and Laura’s home
  11. If you are unable to attend the draft, you will be in charge of making arrangements to have someone (not another team owner) draft your team.  If you don’t show for the draft and make no arrangements, you will draft 0 players and will have to fill in your team from the remaining waiver players.  Not showing up for the draft and making no arrangements is grounds for immediate replacement and will be voted on by the Commissioners.
  12. The draft will be 15 rounds.
  13. Trading of players and draft picks will be allowed on draft night only.  Any proposed and accepted trade will require 6 votes (out of the 10 owners not involved in the trade) to be vetoed.  In the event of a 5-5 tie, the owners involved with the trade will have a chance to plead their case and a second vote will take place.  In the event of a second tie, the tie will be broken by the 3 Commissioners.  If a Commissioner is involved in the trade, a second tie will result in the trade being vetoed.
  14. Any team taking a kicker before the 15th round will owe the league $1


VI. Keepers

  1. All franchise player picks will be due in by 11:59 PM CST on August 10th.
  2. Only in the event of a lockout or strike that affects the NFL season (including training camps, preseason games, and/or regular season games) will the Commissioners have the authority to move that deadline to a later date.
  3. It is the owner’s responsibility to select their franchise player(s) on the Yahoo website before 11:59 PM CST on declaration day.
  4. Any owner not declaring their franchise player(s) by August 10th (or the date is declared as a result of rule VI.2) will forfeit their right to do so.  No grace period shall be granted for any reason.
  5. If an owner declares their franchise picks before August 10th, they can make changes to their  franchise picks at anytime up to August 10th.
  6. Each owner can keep a maximum of two (2) players from the previous year’s roster, but may also choose to keep just one (1) player, or zero (0) players.
  7. The first keeper will take the place of the owner’s 1st round pick in the current year’s draft.
  8. The second keeper will take the place of the owner’s 2nd round pick in the current year’s draft.
  9. An owner can not keep the same 2 players for 2 consecutive seasons
  10. An owner can keep any 1 player as many seasons as they want.
  11. Any new owner has the option to keep the franchise players selected by the owner they are replacing, or change their franchise players before the draft starts pursuant to rules VI.6 thru VI.10
  12. In the event that between the August 10th declaration date and the draft date an owner’s franchise player(s) is/are placed on Injured Reserve by their team then the owner will be allowed to replace the player(s) if they choose.
    • Rumors or reports that they “may be out for the year” do not count
    • Being placed on PUP doesn’t count
    • Being suspended doesn’t count
  13. Any player who is placed on IR before the declaration date may still be franchised by an owner, but they can not be replaced using rule VI.11.


VII. Post Draft Period (Before First Game)

  1. The Commissioners will activate the waivers as soon as he has the rosters entered into the system and is allowed by Yahoo to do so.
  2. Waiver order will be set the same as the draft order


VIII. Regular Season

  1. The season schedule will be set by the Commissioners, however, unless there is a reason to change it, it will remain the same from year to year.
  2. Each team will play their division opponents 2 times during the regular season and all other teams 1 time during the regular season.
  3. Lineup deadline is 5 minutes before game time for each player. No exceptions will be made.
    (Ex. If you have players playing on Thursday, they will be locked in your lineup 5 minutes before  kickoff time Thursday, but you will still be able to adjust players playing on Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday.)
  4. In the event of a computer/internet failure prior to the start of a given week’s games, a franchise owner must contact the Greg or Joel prior to kickoff of the first game and inform of him of the situation and the subsequent lineup change(s). If Greg or Joel receive the lineup change(s) in a timely manner, the change(s) will be made. The commissioner must then post notification of the manual lineup change(s) on the IBPFFL Yahoo message board.
  5. The regular season will end after the completion of the Monday Night Football game of Week 13.


IX. Waivers and Trades

  1. The waiver process runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  2. The waiver order is reset each week by Yahoo and is final and not reviewable.
  3. Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s).
  4. Trades are subject to a 3-day voting period, where at most 8 objections are allowed. Trades receiving at least 8 objections are sent to the commissioners for a majority vote approval.  If the trade involves a commissioner and receives 8 objections, it will be disallowed.
  5. No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 11/11/17.
  6. Owners may not make trades during the offseason, where the offseason is defined by all days following the trade deadline and before draft day of the following season.
  7. If your team is out of the Championship playoffs(This includes if you are  playing in the toilet bowl playoffs), no add/drops are allowed. Your roster is frozen until the after franchise players are declared the following year.
  8. If you pick up players when you are not allowed to, the add/drop(s) will be undone by the Commissioner.


X. Playoffs

  1. The three-round playoffs will take place during weeks 14, 15, and 16.
  2. The 6 teams in the Championship Playoffs will consist of the 4 division winners and 2 wildcards determined by regular season win/loss records, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary
  3. A first round BYE will be awarded to the 2 division winning teams with the best regular season win/loss records, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary
  4. Seeding is based on regular season win/loss records, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary
  5. Playoff seedings are not debatable.
  6. The two losers of the semi-final playoff games will play in  week 16 to decide the 3rd and 4th place finishes.
  7. Playoff schedules will follow NFL guidelines where the highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team and so forth.
  8. The Toilet Bowl Playoffs will follow the above rules starting with the team with the 7th place win/loss record, followed by the league tie breaker (Sect. XV) if necessary
  9. There will be no 3rd and 4th place game in the Toilet Bowl Playoffs


XI. Disputes

  1. All rule disputes will be submitted to only Joel Morrison via email, text message, or the  IBPFFL Yahoo message board for consideration.
  2. Any ruling dispute will be evaluated in the following manner:
    1. First: Is it addressed by the constitution? If there is an error in how Yahoo is setup by the Commissioners, the rule in the constitution will apply.
      Example: If the Yahoo system allows you to make a roster move that is in violation of the constitution, it shall be ruled an illegal action regardless of whether or not Yahoo allows you to do it.
    2. Second: Is it addressed by the Yahoo
    3. Third: If it is not addressed by the constitution or the Yahoo system, the decision will be made by a vote of the 3 Commissioners.


XII. Amendments\Changes

  1. Any amendments or changes proposed to the constitution will need to be submitted to the IBPFFL Yahoo message board for the Commissioner’s review.
  2. The Commissioners will determine if the proposal is worthy of a vote.  If a proposal has been recently voted on, the request may be discarded to prevent wasting the league’s time voting on the same issues every year.
  3. All amendments to the constitution proposed by league members must receive 7 approval votes from the IBPFFL prior to the start of the season.
  4. All changes to the constitution proposed by league members must receive 10 approval votes from the IBPFFL
  5. All amendments\changes proposed during the season will be reviewed at the end of the current season and not be made applicable to the current season.
  6. All amendments\changes to the IBPFFL constitution will be named according to the league member who caused or identified the problem.


XIII. Scoring

  1. Only whole points will be awarded and subtracted.
    (Ex. If your RB rushes for 59 yards, he will receive 5 points)
  2. Scoring provided by Yahoo will be considered official but will be subject to adjustments made by Yahoo.
  3. No appeals will be heard regarding scoring.
  4. The only exception to this will be if there is an error in the setup of the league on Yahoo that results in points being awarded/subtracted in a way that is inconsistent with the scoring setup listed in section XIV of the constitution.  In this instance the league setup shall be corrected and the points awarded/subtracted pursuant to the constitution.
  5. Unless an adjustment is required via Rule XIII.4, no manual scoring adjustments will be made for any reason.
  6. After the week 13 Monday night game is complete, scoring will be considered official as of 12:01 AM CST that Wednesday to allow for the Playoff schedule to be set.  Any scoring adjustments made by Yahoo after Wednesday at 12:01 AM CST will not be applied and will not affect the playoffs.


XIV. Scoring Rules

Passing Rules:

  1. Passing TDs – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST – 6 points per passing TD
  2. Passing 2 pt conversions – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per passing 2 pt conversion
  3. Passing Yardage – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 1 point per every 25 passing yards
  4. Pass Completion 40+ Yards  – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per 40+ yard completion
  5. Interceptions – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – MINUS 2 point per interception thrown


Rushing Rules:

  1. Rushing TDs – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST – 6 points per rushing TD
  2. Rushing 2 pt conversions – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per 2 pt conversion
  3. Rushing Yardage – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 1 point per every 10 rushing yards
  4. Single Rush for 20+ Yards  – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per 20+ yard rush
  5. Fumbles Lost – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST – MINUS 2 points per fumble lost


Receiving Rules:

  1. Receiving TDs – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST – 6 points per receiving TD
  2. Receiving 2 pt conversions – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per 2 pt conversion
  3. Receiving Yardage – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 1 point per every 10 receiving yards
  4. Single Reception for 40+ Yards  – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 2 points per 40+ yard reception
  5. Receptions – for QB, RB, WR, TE, K – 1 point per reception


Kicking Rules:

  1. Extra Points – for K – 1 point for each extra point
  2. Field Goals – for K – 3 points for each field goal
  3. Length of Successful Field Goal – for K –
    1-49 yards – 3 points
    50+ yards – 2 bonus points (for a total of 5 points)


Special Teams Rules:

  1. Kickoff Return TD – for D/ST – 6 points per kickoff return TD
  2. Punt Return TD – for D/ST – 6 points per punt return TD

Defense Rules:

  1. Fumble Recovery TD – for D/ST – 6 points per fumble recovery TD
  2. Interception TD – for D/ST – 6 points per interception TD
  3. Defensive or Special Teams Safeties – for D/ST – 2 points per safety
  4. Total Points Allowed – for D/ST:
    1. 6 points for 0 points allowed
    2. 5 points for 1-6 points allowed
    3. 4 points for 7-13 points allowed
    4. 3 points for 14-20 points allowed
    5. 2 points for 21-27 points allowed
    6. 1 points for 28-34 points allowed
    7. 0 points for 35+ points allowed
  5. Total Yards Allowed – for D/ST:
    1. 4 points for 0-100 yards allowed
    2. 3 points for 101-200 yards allowed
    3. 2 points for 201-300 yards allowed
    4. 1 points for 301-400 yards allowed
    5. 0 points for 401+ yards allowed
  6. Sacks – for D/ST – 1 point for each sack
  7. Fumbles Recovered – for D/ST – 2 points per opponent’s fumble recovered
  8. Interceptions – for D/ST – 2 points per interception


XV. Tie Breakers

1. head to head record
2. division record
3. overall points scored
4. coin flip


XVI. IBPig South

  1. As of 2014, we will begin a AAA league that will be known as IBPig South
  2. All rules and settings IBPig South may be subject to change on a yearly basis depending on the number of interested teams and the availability of owners.
  3. This will be a free league, and it will consist of a mixture of owners from the IBPFFL, and owners who would  like to be considered for entry into the IBPFFL the next time we need a new owner.
  4. IBPig South will be governed by the same rules as the IBPFFL, with the following exceptions:
    1. Section II: There may be a varying number of teams based on interest.  Once we determine the number of teams that will play that year, the commissioners may adjust the divisions.  However, as stated in Section II, at no time shall this league expand beyond twelve (12) teams.
    2. Section III: This section will not apply as this will be a free league and there will be no fees or payout.  We will however purchase a small trophy to be passed around to each years winner
    3. Section IV: You must have a minimum of 1 of each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST). There are no maximums.
    4. Section V: The draft for IBPig South will be a live draft that is held online using the Yahoo online draft.  Though, if there is no way to get all the owners together, an Auto-Draft may be considered.
    5. Section VI: Each Franchise owner is required to keep 1 player by August 10th. If they fail to do so, one will be assigned to them by the commissioners.
    6. Section VIII: Scheduling rules may be subject to change depending on the number of teams in the league
    7. Section X: There will be no toilet bowl playoffs in the IBPig South league
    8. Section XIV: The same scoring rules will apply to both leagues, however, as with Section IV, if scoring changes are proposed for IBPFFL, they may be tested out in IBPig South first.  No changes shall be tested for a period of more than one (1) season without being applied to the IBPFFL.
  5. When the IBPFFL is in need of a team owner, the Commissioners will gather and determine which team from IBPig South shall be invited to take over the vacant IBPFFL Franchise. Though many different criteria shall be considered, the final decision will be made by the commissioners.  No appeals to these decisions will be heard.  The criteria will include but not be limited to:
    1. Length of time Owner has been on the waiting list
    2. Does the owner maintain their team every week
    3. Does the owner compete at a competitive level
    4. Would the owner be an asset or a hinderance to the IBPFFL
    5. Is the owner an annoying jackass
    6. Does the owner show up on time for drafts and meetings
    7. Does the owner actively participate in discussions about the direction of the league
    8. Is the owner a Broncos fan
  6. In the event that an owner is invited to takeover a franchise in the IBPFFL, they will not be required to give up their IBPig South franchise, however they will not transfer any info or players from their IPBig South franchise, as it shall remain a part of the IBPig South league.
  7. At any time, the commissioners may ask franchise owners who have franchises in both the IBPFFL and the IBPig South League to give up their IBPig South League franchise to make room for new owners.  If no one volunteers, The commissioners may have to pick someone and remove them.  The purpose of the IPBig South league is to cultivate and test out new talent.
  8. Wanting to be a part of the IBPig South League, does not entitle anyone to that opportunity.  It’s not an entitlement, it’s an opportunity.  Nathaniel Ross will be in charge of recruiting new teams to this league, and will submit any new owners to the other commissioners for consideration BEFORE they are invited to join.

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