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The History Of The I.B.P. Fantasy Football League


The International Brotherhood Of The Pig Fantasy Football League (also formally known as The Pig League), was the brain child of former commissioner Jade Fischer.


The league was formed by Jade Fischer, and the first draft was held at the Kegler Lounge in Glenwood, IA.  Jade had some strange ideas about scoring, including -1 PT for your QB if he got sacked, and -3PTS for your kicker if he missed a kick. It was this thinking that would eventually cause a hostile takeover.

Draft order was determined by picking numbers, and The Cleveland Steamers were given the first pick, which they used to take Marshall Faulk.

Unfortunately, this league was run on Yahoo, and the history was not preserved, so little is known other than:

A) Jenni’s Boys went 0-13
B) Cleveland Steamers went 1-12
C) The Uranus Packers defeated the Y-Eaters in the superbowl


In 2003, due to various issues, there was a “hostile takeover” where Greg Bailor was installed as commissioner, the league was moved to CBS Sportsline, and what is known and recorded of the league’s history begins.  But make no mistake, Jade wasn’t gone, he would stick around for a few years blessing us with funny noises from his laptop during the draft, and calling people “buttfuckers”.

Gone were the days of losing points for sacks and missing field goals, and since Ricky made his dad (who happened to own Midwest Lanes) mad, the good life of holding our drafts in a bar came to an abrupt halt, and we began traveling from house to house until we finally settled in Greg’s basement.

We added 2 new teams that year, Detroit Dawgs and High Chokers who replaced Special K’s Steelers.  The league was divided into 3 divisions that year, East, West, and Central, and the playoffs consisted of the 3 division winners and 1 wild card.  We played a 14 week regular season, and 2 weeks of playoffs.

There were 2 big stories that season, and they would both eventually cross paths.  First was the 12-2 regular season dominance of the East Division (and the league as a whole) by the High Chokers.  Second was Jenni’s Boys going 9-5 and getting the wild card bid after winning precisely 0 games the season before.  Being the top seed and the wild card would bring these teams together in the first round of the playoffs where Jenni’s Boys would pull off the biggest upset that the league would ever see defeating the High Chokers 126-112. Jenni’s Boys would then (remember she won 0 games the first year) go on to win her first of 2 Superbowls by defeating Y-Eaters 129-118.

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