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Week 3, Points Come Free

It was a wild and crazy week of ridiculous scoring.  In the North league, Team T&A scored 144 points, and won by 64.  At the same time, Prez’s Pigs scored the same 144 points, and not only didn’t win, but lost by 25 to Frehley’s Comets whose 169 points was only 3rd high being outscored by Cock & Balls 174, and Lola’s 183.  Unbelievable week of scoring.

In the south, Piper’s Pit scored 135 and won, Bake scored 135 and lost, Lola was the big winner with 168, and Butcher Babies and The Wolf Pack tied with 115.

Between the 2 12-team leagues, only 2 teams scored under 100 points, and one of those scored 99.

In the Auction league, things were actually a bit calmer which is strange being that it’s only an 8 team league.  Only the Night Prowlers scored more than 150 with a a handy 176-129 win Jones, Olsen, and Cobb.

Don’t forget, bye weeks start in Week 4, with Tennessee and New England off this week.



Updated: October 3, 2015 — 10:09 am

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