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Franchised Day Looms…

The off-season has flown by, and here we sit just over 10 days from Franchise Declaration Day.

IPB League (North)

As of this morning, we have finally filled the IBP league.  Jade will be venturing back home to take part in the live draft.  Hopefully he can get his hands on some good coffee while he’s here. 

Looks like we have the draft planned for the afternoon of 8/23.

I’ll go ahead and lock the teams today, and turn on the Franchise rules, so you should be able to just go to your roster and make your Franchise picks starting tonight.

IPB South League

We are still waiting for a few teams to join. We’ll also be adding at least one new owner. If people aren’t joined up by Tuesday, we’ll have to start looking for other owners.

We are also going to institue a new roster rule for the South League this year. We will be putting in place the new 2-5-5 rule. This will make roster limits as follows:

  • QB=2
  • RB=5
  • WR=5
  • TE=3
  • DST=3
  • K=3

This will remove the difficulties we have in the North league with people trying to remember if they have too many RBs or WRs, and we as commissioners will no longer have to constantly monitor waiver pickups to make sure people don’t have too many.

IPB Auction League

The new auction league is filling up. We are hoping to upgrade this year to possibly 10 teams. We’re still looking for owners, so, if you didn’t play last year, and you’d like to this year, let us know. I’m working to recruit more people. The more the better.

NEW THING: We will also this year be instituting a FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget). It’s a waiver system where instead of just having a waiver order and people make claims, you have a budget (say $200) and you bid on the waiver picks you want, whoever bids the most wins. It makes it so everyone has a chance at every waiver pickup. So if you’re not first in the waiver order, and you lose a player, you still have a chance at getting his replacement.

Lots of things going on, a few changes, but I think it’s going to be an exciting year.

Thanks for playing!!!


Updated: July 20, 2015 — 9:30 am

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