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Week 3: Buckle My Shoe

And the carnage continues!
A loving God wouldn’t allow someone to have a broken leg AND a sprained ankle, unless of course that God had bad eyesight and thought it was Ryan Matthews and that same God had drafted him every year until last year when he finally gave up and now he is exacting his revenge!!

Pointless Stats Of The Week: (all 3 leagues)

  • We had 2 teams in week 3 that scored less than 90 points and won
  • 7 teams have scored over 150 points in a week already this year
  • Average winning score dropped 11 points from WK1 to WK2.  Went up 1 piont in WK3.
  • Average losing score dropped 13 points from WK1 to WK2.  Went up half a point in WK3.
  • Average margin of victory went up 2 points from WK1 to WK2, and up another 2 points in WK3.
  • Week 1, only 4 teams scored under 100 points
  • Week 2, 12 teams scored under 100 points
  • 5 teams have won this year with less than 100 points
  • Out of 48 games played so far, 16 (1/3) have been won by 10 points or less
  • 3 games have already been won (or lost depending on your point of view) by only 1 point
  • The auction league is officially 173% more fun simply because Travis isn’t in it.

Week Results

IBPig League

C*** & Balls def Cleveland Steamers (148-125)
Frehley’s Comets def Upperc***s (106-66)
Team Buttercup def Road Kill Kid (135-101)
Prez’s Pigs def F****n Retards (105-104)
Uranus Packers def Lola’s Guys (119-111)
Detroit Dawgs def Team T&A (114-87)

IBP South League

Y-Eaters def Cleveland Steamiers (120-98)
Prez’s Pigs def Aaron Cole’s Team (99-83)
Quin’s Team def Benchwarmers (157-84)
Bake’s Team def C*** & Balls (128-84)
More Uranus Packers def Cob’s Cool Team (118-117)
Lori’s Legit Team def Lola’s Rams (85-65)

IBP Auction

Stormborn Dragons def Night Prowlers (180-117)
Make It Ertz So Good def David’s Team (84-78)
Bake’s Boss Team def I am BATMAN (120-114)
Cob’s Cool Team def Chive On (128-108)

High Scores Of The Week:

IBP League: C*** & Balls – 148
IBP South: Quin’s Team – 157
The Travis-Free Auction League: Stormborn Dragons – 180

Biggest Blowouts:

IBP League: Frehley’s Comets +40 (106-66)
IBP South: Quin’s Team +73(157-84)
The Travis-Free Auction League: Stormborn Dragons +63 (180-117)


Bye weeks begin this week, so on top of all the injuries this year, we’re going to add another level of difficulty!

All the best,


Updated: September 23, 2014 — 2:29 pm

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