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Week 1 In The Books

Man, that was a crazy one!!  Who bet money that Trent Richardson would outscore Jamal Charles?  Come on, put your hands up high! 

Matt Ryan had a career week, Calvin Johnson returns to being Calvin Johnson, Brandin Cooks might just be for real (but he might not), Blair Walsh outscored Demaryius Thomas, and Jacksonville damn near beat the Eagles. 

What will week 2 hold?

Week 1 Results

IBPig League

Detroit Dawgs def Cleveland Steamers (139-119)
Frehley’s Comets def Team Buttercup (102-86)
Prez’s Pigs def Uranus Packers (125-102)
C*** & Balls def Lola’s Guys (127-93)
Road Kill Kid def Team T&A (129-114)
Upperc***s def F***in Retards (143-91)

IBP South League

Cleveland Steamiers def Aaron Cole’s Team (130-119)
C*** & Balls def Prez’s Pigs (108-100)
Cob’s Cool Team def Benchwarmers (132-84)
Quin’s Team def Lola’s Rams (135-128)
Lori’s Legit Team def Y-Eaters (112-107)
More Uranus Packers def Bake’s Team (114-113)

IBP Auction

Stormborn Dragons def Chive On (162-128)
Make It Ertz So Good def Bake’s Boss Team (119-110)
Cob’s Cool Team def David’s Team (157-130)
Night Prowlers def I am BATMAN (175-138)

High Scores Of The Week:

IBP League: Upperc***s – 143
IBP South: Quin’s Team – 135
The Travis-Free Auction League: Night Prowlers – 175

Largest Margin Of Victory:

IBP League: Upperc***s +52 (143 – 91)
IBP South: Cob’s Cool Team +48 (132 – 84)
The Travis-Free Auction League: Night Prowlers +37 (175 – 138)


Good Luck in Week 2 Everyone!!!

All the best,


Updated: September 9, 2014 — 7:46 am

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