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Notes From Commish3

Welcome to 2017!

It’s 2017, and our beloved illustrious defending CHAMPION is ready to return to defend his title once again.

A reminder to everyone
KEEPERS MUST BE PICKED BEFORE 11:59 PM CST ON AUGUST 10TH. We voted to move it to the 10th this year from the 1st.
REMINDER: You can keep up to 2 players, but they can’t be the same 2 players as last year. If you keep more than 2 players, the commissioners will decide which players to remove.

Last years keepers were:
2016 Franchise Players and Draft Order

1) Team Buttercup – Brock Osweiler (Hou – QB)
2) Team T&A – Julio Jones (Atl – WR)
3) Uppercunts – NONE
4) Detroit Dawgs – Todd Gurley (LA – RB) & Devonta Freeman (Atl – RB)
5) Prez’s Pigs – NONE
6) Road Kill Kid – Russell Wilson (SEA – QB)
7) Uranus packers – NONE
8) Lola’s Boys – NONE
9) Bullet Club – A.J. Green (Cin – WR) & Philip Rivers (SD – QB)
10) Cock & Balls – NONE
11) The Stone Crows – Antonio Brown (PIT – WR) & David Johnson (ARI – RB)
12) Bake Is In! – Adrian Peterson (MIN – RB) & Drew Brees

You are responsible for picking your keepers, you login to your roster and select them.

Remember, starting this year, we will be changing our roster limits to the following:

a) You must at all times have at least 1 of each position (QB/RB/WR/TE/K/DST) on your roster
b) You can never have more than 2QBs on your roster for any reason
c) There are no limits on any other positions

We believe we have settled on a draft date, we’ll update you as soon as it’s confirmed.

-All the best!


It’s once again time to break out the pen and paper, the laptops and the beer, it’s time for fantasy football!

Welcome back to all the owners from last year, and welcome to all the new owners this year.

We’ve got some new changes coming this year, and hopefully it will make things better:

  • IBP League will adopt the 2QB/5RB/5WR roster limits this season
  • IBP South League will change it’s second flex spot to a RB/WR/TE spot, so each team will only start 1 QB, and we will be completely doing away with roster limits
  • IBP Auction will be expanding to 10 teams this year, hopefully in another couple years we’ll be expanding it to 12, but we don’t want to rush it
  • and FINALLY….THE PIG DYNASTY has arrived!!!  We have finally started up what will hopefully be a 12 team dynasty league with 18 man rosters, and 10 keepers.

Can’t wait for all the new exciting changes, and all the great competition!

Good luck everyone!

All the best,

Week 3, Points Come Free

It was a wild and crazy week of ridiculous scoring.  In the North league, Team T&A scored 144 points, and won by 64.  At the same time, Prez’s Pigs scored the same 144 points, and not only didn’t win, but lost by 25 to Frehley’s Comets whose 169 points was only 3rd high being outscored by Cock & Balls 174, and Lola’s 183.  Unbelievable week of scoring.

In the south, Piper’s Pit scored 135 and won, Bake scored 135 and lost, Lola was the big winner with 168, and Butcher Babies and The Wolf Pack tied with 115.

Between the 2 12-team leagues, only 2 teams scored under 100 points, and one of those scored 99.

In the Auction league, things were actually a bit calmer which is strange being that it’s only an 8 team league.  Only the Night Prowlers scored more than 150 with a a handy 176-129 win Jones, Olsen, and Cobb.

Don’t forget, bye weeks start in Week 4, with Tennessee and New England off this week.



Week 1, And Suggs Is Done

Week 1 is in the books and it, overall, was a pretty disappointing one.  I did some math and found that of the top 24 players drafted (by ADP), 70% of them scored less than 20 points, which, if you drafted these people in the first 2 rounds, you expected more.

The injuries continued, though it wasn’t really, as days go, that bad of an injury day, it was just a lot of big names that got injured.

D. Thomas – Hand
T.Y. Hilton – Knee
Chad Pennington – Shoulder
D. Bryant – Foot
T. Suggs – Achilles
D. Jackson – Hamstring
A. Ellington – PCL

and the list goes on…

So on to the recaps:

IBPig League (North)

In a week where (in spite of the injuries) 11 of 12 teams scored over 100pts, defending champion Cock & Balls lead them all with 143pts, on the backs of Travis Kelce’s 2 TDs, and Keenan Allen’s 15 receptions. 

Week1 Winners
Cock & Balls:143-98
Cleveland Steamers:128-110
Uranus Packers: 128-113
Team T&A: 116-104
Uppercunts: 130-109
Frehleys Comets: 109-106

IBP South

Cock & Balls was also the big winner this week in the South, putting up an impressive 164 points in a game where half of his team (including his DST) scored over 20 points.

We also had our first TIE of the year between More Uranus Packers and Butcher Babies at 119.  A real stinger for the Packers considering his QB (J. Flacco) netted him a big fat 0.

And in a very close 91-89 matchup between Lola and the Wolf Pack, both had their studs let them down with Peyton getting only 5 for the Pack, and Greg Olson posting a measly 2 points for Lola.

Week1 Winners
Cock & Balls: 164-131
Prez’s Pigs: 113-111
Lola’s Rams: 91-89
Bake’s Te-am: 144-127
Y-Eaters: 118-97

IBP Auction League

It was a league of extremes this week in the auction league, where the margins of victory were 2, 16, 27, 57.  The Stormborn Dragons lead the week, outscoring newcomer Bye Week by just 15pts thanks to Tyler Eifert making up for the disappointment that was ODB.

In a close one, The Night Prowlers inched out a victory over another newcomer Dead Terrorists 123-121.  Though the Prowlers were hampered by Olsen’s 2, and C.J. Anderson’s 7, Julio Jones came through big for him.

Week1 Winners
Stormborn Dragons: 150-134
BYE WEEK: 135-78
Night Prowlers: 123-121
Cobs Cool Team: 124-97

I’m gong to start updating the site with breaking news and injury updates as I find them so check back often.


Opening Night

Football has finally begun! 

I didn’t expect the Pats facing the 29th worst defense from last year to be a very good game, and I wasn’t disappointed.  At one point, Gronk was so wide open, he went ahead and put on his little pink dress and just danced for a while.

Brady, even with his little tiny girl hands, was able to pull off 25-32 for 299 and 4 TDs, so for those who took a “gamble” on him on draft day, you were handsomely rewarded.


But there’s good news and bad news here.  The bad news is, at some point (probably next week) they’ll have to face a defense that actually covers people, and it might be harder to complete passes to people who aren’t wide open.  The good news is the Pat’s defense is really pretty awful, so they’ll probably need to throw the ball a lot every week.

Overall, despite the cheaters winning, there was plenty of fantasy goodness for many last night:

Brady: 36
Gronk: 33
Edelman: 20
Big Ben: 23
A. Brown: 28
D. Williams: 15 (Old man went 21/127)

On to Sunday, it’s going to be fun to see if the teams that got off to a big start with Gronk and Brady can keep it going.



1 Down, 2 To Go

Sunday afternoon we finally oficially go the season underway and drafted the IBPig (North) league at Greg and Laura’s lovely home.  Beers and food was consumed and a good time was had by all.  Keith started the draft off with a choice, elite RB, or Peyton Manning.  He went with Manning leaving Lacey and Bell for Jade and Travis respectively.

It’s always strange to see guys who only a year or two ago were “elites” now barely getting drafted like Brandon Marshall who went in the 8th, and Marques Colston who went in the 15th.

After the draft was completed, we had some discussions, and voted in a few rule changes for the 2016 season.

– Starting in 2016, we will change our roster limits (to match the South league’s)  You will be allowed : 2QB, 5RB, 5WR, and how ever many you want of the rest.

– Last year we voted in a rule that dealt with an owner who couldn’t physically attend the draft.  This year we’ve amended it.  Starting in 2016, the draft will start at the announced starting time.  If you arrive late, you will be allowed to back fill your picks, but the draft will not stop to wait for you to do it.  On the other end, if you are unable to stay the entire length of the draft, your team will stop being drafted when you leave, and you will need to fill it in from waivers.

– Finally, there was some discussion about starting a 4th IBP league that would be the IBP Dynasty League.  We kicked around ideas for roster limits and drafts, and in the end Jade made it all ridiculous.  Anyone interested in starting a dynasty league next year, let us know.  Also, if you’ve ever played in one, we’re looking for suggestions on format and structure.


In the end, the draft went quite well, it was fast, and most of the teams ended up being being fairly even.  According to Yahoo’s grading, no really exceptional teams, but no really awful ones either.  You can see all the individual report cards below if you’re interested.


Cleveland Steamers A- Report Card

Cock & Balls B Report Card

Team T&A B Report Card

Lolas Guys B Report Card

F%@kin Retards B Report Card

Road Kill Kid B Report Card

Detroit Dawgs B Report Card

Uranus Packers B- Report Card

Team Buttercup C+ Report Card

Frehleys Comets C Report Card

Uppercunts C Report Card

Prez’s Pigs C Report Card




2015 International Brotherhood Of The Pig (North) Draft Order/Keepers

Here’s the draft order and keepers for this year.
1) Team T&A – None
2) Fuckin Retards – Adrian Peterson (Min – RB)  Drew Brees (NO – QB)
3) UpperCunts – Calvin Johnson (Det – WR)
4) Team ButterCup – None
5) Frehley’s Comets – Mike Wallace (Min – WR) / Philip Rivers (SD – QB)
6) Cleveland Steamers – Antonio Brown (Pit – WR) / Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG – WR)
7) Road Kill Kid – Russell Wilson (Sea – QB)
8) Detroit Dawgs – Dez Bryant (Dal – WR) / Andrew Luck (Ind – QB)
9) Uranus Packers – Jamal Charles (KC – RB)
10) Lola’s Boys – Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)
11) Prez’s Pigs – Matthew Stafford (Det – QB)
12) Cock and Balls – None
So, the draft will go like this:
Round 1:
1) Team T&A
2) Team ButterCup
3) Cock and Balls
Round 2:
1) Cock and Balls
2) Prez’s Pigs
3) Lola’s Boys
4) Uranus Packers
5) Road Kill Kid
6) Team ButterCup
7) UpperCunts
8) Team T&A

Last Chance…

It’s finally here.  Keeper declarations are due by Saturday night at 11:59 PM.

Quick reminder for each league:

IBP (North): You can keep 0 or 1 for free, and a second keeper for $5.  If you keep more than 2, the Commissioners will trim it down to 2 for you.

IBP South: Everyone must keep 1.  If you don’t put in a keeper, or pick more than 1, the Commissioners will adjust as necessary.

IBP Auction: No keepers this year.

If you have any questions, make sure to contact one of the Commissioners BEFORE Saturday at 11:59 PM CST.  There will be no changes allowed after that time.



5 Days To Go

Keeper day is almost here!

Just over 5 days left for people to claim their keepers.

A quick reminder on the keeper rules for this year:

  • IBPig North – As usual we will be keeping 0, 1, or 2 players.  First taste is free, then $5 a hit thereafter.
  • IBPig South – This is the first year we’ll be doing keepers in this league, and we’re going to have everyone keep 1 player
  • IBPig Auction League – Due to our attempt to expand the number of teams and the teams that we lost, we won’t be keeping any players this year.

IBPig Auction League

Just a quick reminder about the IBP Auction League, we will be instituting the FAAB Waivers this year.
For everyone who doesn’t know what FAAB is, the definition according to Yahoo is:

In a Free Agents Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) waivers system, each manager receives a dollar amount to place blind bids on waived players. The manager with the highest bid at the end of the waiver period claims that player and that bid amount is deducted from the team’s acquisition budget.

This will be our first year using this, so certainly there will be some hiccups, but in most fantasy circles, it’s widely considered to be the fairest way to handle waivers, so it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Best of luck everyone!


Time Flies When You’re….

….watching the Cowboys do what they do best…dismantle their team.

It’s almost time!
We’re just over a month away from franchise declarations and it’s time to start preparing.
As far as I know, everyone is returning to IBP South, and we think most everyone is returning to the main league. We are also going to attempt to expand the auction league to 10-12 films.
We also need to have some discussion about some possible changes to roster limits.

More to come.
– Commish 3

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