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It is finally franchise player declaration day!  Everyone in the IBP main league and the IBP South leagues must have their keeper selections in by 11:59 PM CST tonight.


  • Welcome last year’s 2nd place finisher in the IBP South League, and the 2014 IBP Auction League champion Chris Baker to the IBP League Of Note.
  • We have expanded the IBP Auction League to 10 teams for this season.  We are welcoming back Shane, and adding his frined Chris, and long time IBP League Of Note owner Jade as well.
  • The Pig Dynasty league is coming along nicely.  We just need 3 more owners to fill it up.

Looking forward to all of the IBP drafts!

All the best,

Let’s Get It ON!

Here we go folks!  Tonight is the night!  Football finally begins.

Image result for steelers logo VS. Image result for patriots old logo

Reminder to everyone, make sure you have your Pickem’ picks in before kickoff tonight, and if you have any Steelers or Cheaters, make sure you have them in or out of your lineup before kickoff.

Also, make sure your kicker still has a job.  There has been much kicker carnage this year.



Franchised Day Looms…

The off-season has flown by, and here we sit just over 10 days from Franchise Declaration Day.

IPB League (North)

As of this morning, we have finally filled the IBP league.  Jade will be venturing back home to take part in the live draft.  Hopefully he can get his hands on some good coffee while he’s here. 

Looks like we have the draft planned for the afternoon of 8/23.

I’ll go ahead and lock the teams today, and turn on the Franchise rules, so you should be able to just go to your roster and make your Franchise picks starting tonight.

IPB South League

We are still waiting for a few teams to join. We’ll also be adding at least one new owner. If people aren’t joined up by Tuesday, we’ll have to start looking for other owners.

We are also going to institue a new roster rule for the South League this year. We will be putting in place the new 2-5-5 rule. This will make roster limits as follows:

  • QB=2
  • RB=5
  • WR=5
  • TE=3
  • DST=3
  • K=3

This will remove the difficulties we have in the North league with people trying to remember if they have too many RBs or WRs, and we as commissioners will no longer have to constantly monitor waiver pickups to make sure people don’t have too many.

IPB Auction League

The new auction league is filling up. We are hoping to upgrade this year to possibly 10 teams. We’re still looking for owners, so, if you didn’t play last year, and you’d like to this year, let us know. I’m working to recruit more people. The more the better.

NEW THING: We will also this year be instituting a FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget). It’s a waiver system where instead of just having a waiver order and people make claims, you have a budget (say $200) and you bid on the waiver picks you want, whoever bids the most wins. It makes it so everyone has a chance at every waiver pickup. So if you’re not first in the waiver order, and you lose a player, you still have a chance at getting his replacement.

Lots of things going on, a few changes, but I think it’s going to be an exciting year.

Thanks for playing!!!


Week F’n 4: Bye Bye Bye

The bye weeks have begun. 
6 teams were on bye this week, Denver, Arizona, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Seattle.
(Pictured below, Richard Sherman enjoying his bye week.  That’s right, when he takes off the uniform he’s a beautiful white woman.)

We learned this week that the Saints and the Patriots are pretty bad football teams, and that Rob Ryan is highly overrated.  We also learned that the “Blind Squirrel Rule” still applies to the Cowboys!  ONWARD TO 8-8!!

(Turns out when Romo is injured, he also turns into a gorgeous white woman with enormous cans!!)

Pointless Stats Of Week 4: (all 3 leagues)

  • Average winning score jumped 17 points this week to 138
  • The average losing score this week jumped 9 points to 105
  • Only 5 teams this week in all 3 leagues scored under 100
  • Average margin of victory was almost 33


And finally, after 4 weeks, here is how the original Yahoo trade grades line up with current point totals:

1. A – 531
2. C – 515
3. D+ – 493
4. B – 491
5. B+ – 473
6. B – 471
7. B+ – 450
8. D – 434
9. B – 430
10. D+ – 416
11. C – 383
12. B – 365

Week 4 Results

IBPig League

Lola’s Guys def Cleveland Steamers (160-135)
Frehley’s Comets def Road Kill Kid (134-113)
F****n Retards def Team Buttercup (127-102)
Prez’s Pigs def Upperc***s (132-57)
Detroit Dawgs def C*** & Balls (129-90)
Uranus Packers def Team T&A (144-109)

IBP South League

Prez’s Pigs def Cleveland Steamiers (177-116)
Benchwarmers def More Uranus Packers (108-74)
Lori’s Legit Team def Quin’s Team (141-139)
Y-Eaters def Bake’s Team (147-105)
Lola’s Rams def Cob’s Cool Team (117-89)
Aaron Cole’s Team def C*** & Balls (124-104)

IBP Auction

Stormborn Dragons def Make It Ertz So Good (187-120)
Bake’s Boss Team def Chive On (132-128)
Cob’s Cool Team def I am BATMAN (92)
Night Prowlers def David’s Team (133-113)

High Scores Of The Week:

IBP League: Lola’s Guys – 160
IBP South: Prez’s Pigs – 177
The Travis-Free Auction League: Stormborn Dragons – 187

Biggest Blowouts:

IBP League: Prez’s Pigs +75 (132-57)
IBP South: Prez’s Pigs +61 (177-116)
The Travis-Free Auction League: Stormborn Dragons +67 (187-120)


Only 2 byes in week 5, so for the teams that had to sacrifice this week, here’s to your comeback this week!

All the best,


Week 1 In The Books

Man, that was a crazy one!!  Who bet money that Trent Richardson would outscore Jamal Charles?  Come on, put your hands up high! 

Matt Ryan had a career week, Calvin Johnson returns to being Calvin Johnson, Brandin Cooks might just be for real (but he might not), Blair Walsh outscored Demaryius Thomas, and Jacksonville damn near beat the Eagles. 

What will week 2 hold?

Week 1 Results

IBPig League

Detroit Dawgs def Cleveland Steamers (139-119)
Frehley’s Comets def Team Buttercup (102-86)
Prez’s Pigs def Uranus Packers (125-102)
C*** & Balls def Lola’s Guys (127-93)
Road Kill Kid def Team T&A (129-114)
Upperc***s def F***in Retards (143-91)

IBP South League

Cleveland Steamiers def Aaron Cole’s Team (130-119)
C*** & Balls def Prez’s Pigs (108-100)
Cob’s Cool Team def Benchwarmers (132-84)
Quin’s Team def Lola’s Rams (135-128)
Lori’s Legit Team def Y-Eaters (112-107)
More Uranus Packers def Bake’s Team (114-113)

IBP Auction

Stormborn Dragons def Chive On (162-128)
Make It Ertz So Good def Bake’s Boss Team (119-110)
Cob’s Cool Team def David’s Team (157-130)
Night Prowlers def I am BATMAN (175-138)

High Scores Of The Week:

IBP League: Upperc***s – 143
IBP South: Quin’s Team – 135
The Travis-Free Auction League: Night Prowlers – 175

Largest Margin Of Victory:

IBP League: Upperc***s +52 (143 – 91)
IBP South: Cob’s Cool Team +48 (132 – 84)
The Travis-Free Auction League: Night Prowlers +37 (175 – 138)


Good Luck in Week 2 Everyone!!!

All the best,


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